Three Most Popular Specialty Pizzas at Alessio’s



When you ask most people what they love most about Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria, they usually can quickly answer the question in one word: pizza!

Alessio’s serves authentic New York style pizza made from scratch every day. Our pizza chefs mix the dough by hand, taste the marinara, and season it until it’s just right.

Although you can build your own pizza from a variety of regular and gourmet toppings, Alessio’s has many specialty pizzas for diners to try. We have many types of pies, but there are three pizzas that keep people coming back to this metro Atlanta restaurant again and again.

Here are the three most popular specialty pizzas at Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria:

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a supreme pizza with bold flavor and the perfect combination of toppings. We serve our classic New York style pizza with an array of toppings, including pepperoni, meatballs, sausage, ham, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, garlic, onions and cheese. This exquisite pie is a symphony of flavors, and it’s perfect if you need a meal that will really fill you up.

Manhattan Meat

The Manhattan Meat is a dynamic pizza pie that covers the full gamut of Italian proteins. We top the pizza with five delicious meats: meatballs, sausage, ham, pepperoni and bacon. This pizza is perfect for anyone with carnivorous cravings. Our advice: Be sure to order a pie big enough so you’ll have leftovers.

Village Veggie

If you are trying to stay away from meat or follow a vegetarian diet, our Village Veggie is the pizza for you! We top it with a rich variety of vegetables, including spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, green peppers and artichoke hearts. It’s perfect to satisfy your cravings for pizza, but you’ll still get a healthy portion of vegetables in your meal.

Try a Specialty Pizza at Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

Visit Alessio’s at a location near you – we have locations in Johns Creek, Roswell and Cumming – and try one of our delicious specialty pizzas. You can also cater your next event with an array of pizza or get it delivered straight to your home.

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  • Anthony Fleres


    I’m a vegetarian looking for a pizza with cheese that has vegetarian or microbial enzymes, no meat nor meat-flavored tomato sauce and dough with no eggs in it. Can you help us?

    I see you carry the Impossible Berger. Great !!!

    We await your reply. Thank you.

    Anthony Fleres

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