Red Wine Selection in Johns Creek


Italian cuisine is known for delicious pasta dishes, olive oil, pizza, and – of course – wine. Italy is one of the most popular places to cultivate delicious red wines, and Italians love to share a bottle or two during a family meal.

If you want to enjoy an authentic Italian dinner with a red wine pairing, visit Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria in Johns Creek, Georgia. We have a brand new selection of amazing red wines originating from California all the way to Italy. Learn more about some of our most popular bottles and join us for dinner at the best Italian eatery in Johns Creek.

Chianti Davinci

This beautiful red wine originates from Tuscany, Italy. It has a pleasant aroma with lovely plum, cherry and peppery notes. It is a balanced wine and not too heavy on the palette. It is excellent with some of our favorite pasta dishes, including Chicken Parmigiana or Veal Marsala.

Red Rock Merlot

Our Red Rock Merlot is a sweet red wine with aromatic vanilla notes. It has a rich body of flavor with distinct blackberry and cherry flavor. It’s well-balanced and satisfies with a velvety finish. Pair it with our signature Ravioli Alessio for a meal you’ll never forget.

MacMurray Central Coast Pinot Noir

Our MacMurray Central Coast Pinot has a spicy flavor. Enjoy cinnamon, cherry and ripe cranberry notes with a rustic finish. It offers a unique mouthfeel and adds a rich flavor to any meal. It goes beautifully with our Penne Alla Vodka or our Baked Ziti.

Enjoy a Delicious Glass of Red Wine With Your Meal at Alessio’s

Visit an Alessio’s Restaurant and Pizzeria location near you and enjoy a full meal with your family. Order a bottle of your favorite red wine and feel free to ask your waiter for any help choosing the right wine to complement your meal. See you soon!

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